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Support Networks & The Men Who Use Them

When you think of YOUR support network, what comes to mind? Ideas of friends, family, coworkers, possibly a church congregation, and so many other possibilities are all a part of a person’s support network. Perhaps your circle is a large one with many people, places, and activities that you can safely call “my support network”. So, what is it about these people, places, and things that make them such a valuable part of life?

A quick google search will show you that a support network is an important part of a balanced life and often, is a vital part of maintaining your positive mental health. The benefits of having this support network are almost innumerable: higher levels of well-being, a decrease in depression and anxiety, decreased stress, better coping skills, and a longer and healthier life. Knowing all of these important benefits to having a supportive network built in around us, then why is it that so many people can struggle with keeping these connections alive and well?

When You Look Around and No One is There

In short, life happens. Work weeks can get busy and deadlines become the demanding priority of the day. Maybe your new job opportunity took you across the state or country to a dusty town in the middle of a cotton field. Finances can become strained and opportunities to participate in previous activities may be limited. Family priorities may not always align perfectly with your social calendar or maybe your priorities have shifted away now that the “I” has become an “us”. There are more reasons that people can grow apart from each other than there are people on the planet, and this can be a common part of growing up. While every person knows the importance of having their “people”, what is a guy to do when you look around and you don’t feel like you have anyone in your corner?

When Do You Ask for Help?

Realizing that something is missing is the first step. Maybe this realization comes after the end of a relationship that became a bit too entangled or you finally left that job that took everything from you. Now you know that you need to connect back with your people, but where do you find your people? Who is there to talk through those life events in the meantime? If this is where you find yourself, this can be a great place to reach out to a counselor.

Find a Counselor Who Understands You

At times sitting down with a person who has the upmost positive regard for you and your well-being can be the catalyst you need to recommit to reaching out and connecting with your support network. Maybe you have been looking for this group for so long that you have lost hope that they are out there for you. This can be a valuable conversation to have with your counselor, because we might just be able to see the bigger picture from a fresh perspective and help you identify even more opportunities that you never even realized were there.

The important part of knowing that “no man is an island” is finding where your island is grounded. The counselors at Mind Works Counseling Services in Lubbock, TX specialize in providing mental health counseling for men. They are invested in helping you rediscover the skills you need to support your well-being independently in a safe, respectful, and open environment where it is okay to not always be okay. Give us a call today to make that first connection towards rebuilding the supports in life you need to live happy and healthy.

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