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Holiday Stress Survival: Deck the Halls, Not Your Obnoxious Uncle

It is that time of year again. Time for celebrating time with family and friends. Time for getting together with our loved ones and unwrapping gifts. It is also time for shopping in overcrowded stores, trying to figure out what people want, and we’re going to pay for it. Kids are out of school and going stir crazy wanting to go and do things. Time with extended family can be a great experience or something to dread. One thing seems universal during this time of year, stress. I wanted to take a few minutes and perhaps give a few holiday survival tips to help get through the next few weeks.


Communication is crucial for everyone in your immediate family. Beginning with setting fair expectations with the kiddos. They have had a routine at least five days a week for months and suddenly they are free. That can mean a lot of energy trapped in a house with fewer outlets. Be sure that they have some sort of outlet for that. That can be making ornaments, chores, making Christmas gifts for loved ones, depending on work schedules, maybe even going to a movie during the day when things are dead. If one parent is a stay-at-home parent be sure that they get a break when the other parent comes home. Fair is fair.


When going over to someone else’s home to celebrate it can be a good idea to set a time for when you will be leaving so that everyone knows. If alcohol is a part of that celebration be sure you know who will be driving, how much is too much, and maybe even have a safe word for when you want to leave if it is getting to be a drama filled experience. No need for hurt feelings if you have a way out.


Lastly, remember to find some moments that are just for you. Self-care tends to fall to the wayside during these busy times, there is no more crucial time to remember to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you are trying to come from a deficit after the holidays and can easily lead to fighting.

At Mind Works Counseling Services in Lubbock Texas we are here to help get you through the tough times so that you can stand on your own two feet and thrive. Please feel free to reach out if we can help. Happy Holidays from Mind Works!

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