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About this Fundraiser

3 million children are currently being raised by single fathers. Despite the overwhelming research highlighting the value of fathers, dads, especially single dads, do not get much recognition or consideration. 

At Mind Works Counseling Services, we have the privilege of working with all sorts of men and many of them are single fathers. These are good men, doing the best they can. However, when it comes to your kids, it never seems like enough.

We would like to do a little something this year and hopefully help by easing the burden that comes with buying Christmas gifts. We are asking that you donate a small amount of money to help a single father (or maybe more if the donations are there) buy Christmas gifts for his kids. 

We will accept donations during the month of November this year. Then on December 1st, we will select one single dad and present him with the funds collected. 

It should be noted that the recipient of these funds will remain anonymous. We have no desire to publicize this process. Although it would make for a compelling social media post, we believe that whoever receives these donations should be able to do so with dignity and not be made a spectacle of. 

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Do you know a single dad who would be a good recipient for this fundraiser?

Are you a single father who could use some help buying Christmas gifts for your kids this year?

If so, please fill out the form below. The Mind Works Counseling Services team will select the winner at the beginning of December. 

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  • All donations will be made directly to Mind Works Counseling Services LLC.

  • Donations (minus the necessary taxes and processing fees) will then be distributed in full to the recepient(s) selected.

  • Mind Works Counseling Services will not profit from this fundraiser in any way.

  • Mind Works Counseling Services LLC is not a 501c-3 (Non-Profit Organization). Therefore your donation is not tax deductible. 

  • The recipient(s) of this fundraiser will remain anonymous unless they choose to disclose that information.

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